Best safety gadgets every Philadelphia escorts should carry

Being an escort is quite a tough thing, since you might various clients who might not be as good as you might think they are. Hence, your safety depends on your preparation. Nobody will come to help you when you need the most, hence you should keep on reading the article, where we have mentioned some important safety tips.

  • Always carry pepper spray – Pepper spray is something that should always be with an escort girls. Sometimes Philadelphia escort girls have to travel at night and you might never know when someone can try to loot you, hence carrying a pepper spray should always be with you. Whenever you see a dark street where you can sense danger, just take out the spray out and hold it in your hand, so that you can be prepared to spray it immediately if someone attacks you.
  • Stun gun – Stun gun is the best thing to have these days as it can totally disarm your opponent and you will be completely safe. You won’t have to worry about anything if you are having stun gun with you. Just make sure that you know how to use it properly against someone. There are various self defense classes where you will be taught the techniques. So, it’s a good idea to attend such classes. Just make sure that you buy only that stun gun which is comfortable for you to use.
  • Safety rod – There are various portable safety rods available in market that makes your defense better. With a safety rod you can defend yourself and also attack on someone who is trying to attack you. A safety rod is also quite useful to save yourself from vicious street dogs who might bother you at night. These safety devices are quite easy to purchase and they don’t really cost a lot.
  • Flashlight – A high beam flashlight is actually quite useful when you want to surprise your attacker with a high beam. Now since women safety is a major concern all over the world, people have started the production of such high beams in various forms. The most used form is the lipstick one where a normal looking lipstick actually converts to become a lethal high beam flashlight. Having this device is really good for your safety and you should carry these items while you are alone or if you have any insecurity.
  • Stun gun in form of a mobile phone – Stun gun is definitely effective but when it is in the form of a mobile phone it is quite vicious too. You can carry it around without much attention and at the same time, you will be quite safe too.

So, these are some of the most important things to carry around when you are feeling scared and we guarantee that you are going to be totally safe. Just make sure that you know how to use these things otherwise they won’t be able to serve you good. Always remember to stay away from trouble if you feel that some places might not be safe.

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